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    Amazing stuff. Great photos. Loving hearing your news, as ever. Also enjoyed the pod recommendations post. A footy one I enjoy is the Guardian World Cup Football Daily with James Richardson (usually Football Weekly). Insightful and humorous. Although only one left I think.

    Hope Tim recovers soon. Hope you’re both well. Kaye’s bump is getting bigger all the time. Due in late October. We bought a cot today. Crazy times!! I’m sitting at home avoiding lesson planning (one week until summer hols), marking books and thinking about my last observed lesson of the year. Almost there.

    I also got my own bike up and running after months of laziness. Felt fantastic on two wheels again. Bristol’s hills are soon going to kick me into shape, I can feel it.

    Happy cycling. X

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    Tim Moss

    Hey Neil, good news on the bike and glad to find another Football Daily fan. Such a great podcast compared to other sports broadcasts I’ve tried.

    Exciting times about the bump. It’s coming around so fast!

    Just sent you an email but not certain I’ve got the right address. Give me a shout if you don’t get it.

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    Spent the night in that very same bike shop! Wise move to skip Malaysia’s west coast (unless you enjoy the thrill of racing along 6 lanes of traffic).

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      Tim Moss

      Ha! I’d say “small world” but then it seems like Zul’s shop is a bit of a South East Asia cycling mecca. Sorry to have missed you guys. Enjoy the next leg!


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