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Laura Moss spent 16 months cycling 13,000 miles around the world. She is a director of The Adventure Syndicate and organises the annualCycle Touring Festival. Her husband, Tim, runs this website. Read more...


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    Cliff Abraham

    Tim, you continue to amaze me. And we hope to amaze you by writing up your thesis for a paper! Happy travels!! No one does it like you. All the best, Cliff

    1. 1.1

      Tim Moss

      Hi Cliff, great to hear from you and genuinely amazed that content from my thesis might help form a paper! Of course, do let me know if I can help with anything.

      We are hoping to visit NZ but, sadly, I’m not sure which reach that far south. Hope all’s well.

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    Kara Nichols

    Laura – hello!

    It’s been years but I came across your blog via facebook recently and I’m really enjoying hearing about your incredible adventures! Keep blogging!

    Kara x

    1. 2.1

      Laura Moss

      Thanks Kara! Great to hear from you, hope you’re well and maybe bump in to you back in the UK x


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