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Tim Moss has supported over 100 expeditions across all seven continents. He has climbed new mountains, crossed a desert on foot and recently cycled 13,000 miles around the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society London and a Guinness World Record Holder. He aims to encourage more people to live adventurously. Read more...


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    Andy Welch

    Hey Tim, Good luck and I hope that your onwards travels bring you a smoother ride.

    1. 1.1

      Tim Moss

      Cheers Andy. And hopefully our next blog post will be less whiney too!

  2. 2


    Tim and Laura,
    Admire your stamina!
    Please take care.
    Best wishes, Spyros

    1. 2.1

      Tim Moss

      Thanks Spyros. I think stamina is currently defined by Laura as walking to the bathroom without needing to sit down on the way.

  3. 3

    Neil Cousins

    Been following avidly. India sounds amazing but mental! Hope you both get well soon. Kaye and I are thinking of you both and always enjoy reading the blog entries. We also saw Laura’s piece in the Bolton School Old Girls’ Magazine – great stuff as always. We’re slowly settling into Bristol. Sun is shining now as spring really gets going. I’ve been in the park today (and watched liverpool beat Manchester city!) whilst Kaye’s been swimming – lush!! X

    1. 3.1

      Tim Moss

      Hey Neil, thanks for the message. Cool that you saw Laura’s piece too!

  4. 4


    Hey Tim, I came across your site via Leon’s latest post and took a look at some of your latest articles. India sounds mental indeed and apparently you encountered quite a lot of situations that have been memorable for the wrong reasons, sorry to hear that! However, I’m sure there will be another bend in the road that will make you see better times and actually embrace the adventure again… Best wishes and take care, Oliver

    1. 4.1

      Tim Moss

      Hi Oliver, thanks for the thoughtful comment. We have certainly had a memorable time in India but, as with all such things, the misery and hardship is forgotten in an instant and all that remains is fondness and funny anecdotes.

      P.S. I hope you didn’t just read my article for Leon and these recent ones… I promise I don’t always moan this much!

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  6. 5


    Glad to hear you two are feeling a lot better and back on your bikes. Your experiences in India sound about par for where you were – albeit (as you noted) perception and outlook is everything and were it early days in your adventure, or under different circumstances you would not have been bombarded on such a regular basis. Times when your personal space is being shoved and shrivelled, you do have to do a bit of a ‘windmill’ with a smile or try and make some space for yourself. It aids the mental gears and generally speaking, keeps you in better spirits to have that ounce of control when an adventure trip can be so dependent on the elements and Fate.

    But India is India, and even where “Little India” spaces have popped up around the world – London, Dubai, etc – they carry that characteristic against personal space… …in London this is almost a repelling magnetic force as two concepts of personal space try to defy physics!

    Stay safe, and enjoy the ride!

    1. 5.1

      Tim Moss

      Thanks for that Sarita. It’s all a learning experience and it all seems like fun in hindsight.


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