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Laura Moss spent 16 months cycling 13,000 miles around the world. She is a director of The Adventure Syndicate and organises the annualCycle Touring Festival. Her husband, Tim, runs this website. Read more...


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    Validot Antan Ratk

    You are my inspiration, thanks for this! I want to travel ultralight as well.

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    Your toolkit has exactly the same items in it as mine… really like the minimalist approach, I do the same… by accident had to ride start riding a single speed from 2 years ago (planetary hub failure), was very educational, before I couldn’t understand before how people could ride them, now I think they make you a better rider in some ways… Where reliability is paramount they shine… now I ride every day to work, and on weekends out tom100 km, rain snow mud down to minus 30 no problem, without the daily repairs that were required with a dérailleur or planetary hub bike.. I’ve built up a Giant single speed frame (they don’t make them anymore) with Sturmey Archer Huns with sealed drum brakes, not the lightest but for wet and dirty conditions they shine… Disc brakes are like fishing nets for ice snow and mud, the drums you never need to even think about them, you can clean your whole,drive train in about 1 minute with just a rag…

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      Tim Moss

      Thanks for that PRH. I’ve only ever used one bike with hub brakes and that was a rickshaw!


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