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    Thanks for the review. Could you please tell me the weight?

    1. 3.1

      Tim Moss

      The weight of Land’s End panniers are reported at around 900 grams (2lbs) and John O’Groats weigh around 700g (1.5lbs).

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    How do they clean up when they get dirty? Can they be restored to like new?

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      Tim Moss

      Good question. I used mine for a 13,000 mile trip over 16 months’. I cleaned them twice but mostly focused on the inside. I reckon they’d clean up well without too much scrubbing.

      The only thing you might have to watch out for is scuffing. They’re obviously very tough but if you skid scratch them (e.g. by falling off at speed as I did) then you’d obviously be stuck with scuff marks. Having said that, they’re not prone to scuffing in the way that the regular Ortlieb panniers.

      Otherwise, I reckon they’d stay looking pretty good with the occasional wipe down.

      Hope that helps.


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