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Tim Moss has supported over 100 expeditions across all seven continents. He has climbed new mountains, crossed a desert on foot and recently cycled 13,000 miles around the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society London and a Guinness World Record Holder. He aims to encourage more people to live adventurously. Read more...


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    grant axe rawlinson

    Have a wonderful ride through my home country guys! I have just cycled from Ben Nevis to Mt Blanc last month and after my experience on NZ roads I hereby conclude your cycle through New Zealand should be more pleasant due to the fact you can enjoy a nice road shoulder to cycle on which seem non-existent in the UK and France:) safe cycling!

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      Tim Moss

      Thanks Grant. We’re looking forward to it. The Ben to Le Blanc sounds great. Not surprised you struggled on the British roads but that’s a shame about France, they have some of the best cycling we’ve ever found.

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    lorraine thompson

    Great to meet you both and help you along your way. Not envying your ride today, Saturday, that wind is just cruel. At least you may not be so wet?? Hope you make Taihape tonight and don’t find snow on the desert road tomorrow! Take care, Lorraine.

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      Tim Moss

      Hey Lorraine, thanks so much for having us last week. Still thinking about those meatballs!

      The weather wasn’t actually too bad once we got going and a kind lady let us sleep in her garage (complete with kettle, heater etc). We did wake up to a couple of inches of snow on our tent this morning though and the Desert Road was closed until mid-afternoon but we managed to hitch across before dark.

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    Cath Bruzzone

    Laura – so sorry for silence re your event in May 2015. I AM interested and I WILL give you some feedback as soon as I have a micro-second. We’re going to see Lucy mid-October in HK and then go through S China to Vietnam border and down through Vietnam, so planning that trip amongst other things. We won’t be on a bike, sadly, although maybe we can hire one at some point. Enjoy your ride in NZ – snow?!? – and I hope I’m not too late to reply to your email? Cath x


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