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Tim Moss has supported over 100 expeditions across all seven continents. He has climbed new mountains, crossed a desert on foot and recently cycled 13,000 miles around the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society London and a Guinness World Record Holder. He aims to encourage more people to live adventurously. Read more...


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    Thank you for this! Money can be so overwhelming (rather, lack of money) but adventure is definitely a state of mind – can never hear that enough :)

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      Tim Moss

      Thanks Tegan (who, for anyone else reading, won Tom Allen’s budget bike Tom Allen at the end of his journey and took it off on her own cycle tour: http://www.unclippedadventure.com)

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    I’ve traveled the world for 24 yrs and half the time for free ! I’m cycling from UK to nigeria and so far got to Morocco without any money …how simple ask for it !

    1. 2.1

      Tim Moss

      Cycling from the UK to Nigeria without any money? You’re in another league there!

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    Holly Davies

    Another inspiring post Tim. It’s got me feeling all itchy for adventure. Brilliant.

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    Don Holshuh

    Based on my experience of people saying how much they wish they could do what I was doing (cycling across America), the problem is not money or time. The main obstacle is that they are fearful of getting out of their comfort zone. That is why Alastair’s idea of a micro-adventure is so appealing.

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    Hi Tim,
    Absolutely love your message with all these, and will be sharing all of them!
    Lots of good adventure ideas in there as well for people lacking some inspiration!
    Great Stuff.
    Laura @ Odysseon.

    1. 5.1

      Tim Moss

      Thanks Laura. Glad you liked it.

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