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    I am trying to get into this. How long does it take -staying under the cold shower- for endorphin to kick in?:)

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    so I tried this today, didn’t time myself but it takes at least 1 minute to stop feeling the cold shock disturbing, and then about 3-4 minutes to start feeling comfortable with the runing cold water still… and endorphines for me kicked around 6 or 9 minutes and hours later (now) I still feel very invigorated :D

    but it was also funny, the only shower with just cold water (the rest have only hot water) in my local swimming pool, is next to the door, hence anyone coming in got a sprinkle of cold ‘wasser’ on them, a girl even yelled… one out of ten showers offers ‘kaltwasser’, so not my problem thats its situated THERE ,ahah

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    Just don’t try shaving your legs in a cold shower – you cut the tops off all the goosebumps without realising it. Messy.

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    Chris Wilkins

    Cold showers, like cold water swimming, are another of a multitude of great ways to combat the soft, easy life that many of us have adopted. A soft life is neither challenging for our amazing bodies and minds, nor is it satisfying. The mental challenge that was mentioned in point 10 is, for me, the rub of it. Combine a mental challenge with a physical one, and you have a recipe for a satisfying life. Not and easy life, but certanly a good life!
    I live 1km from a 750m length dam, and swim all year round. I cheat in winter and wear a wetsuit! My swims are not long, but they are regular.

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    I love point #8 and point # 10.
    This is February 2013 and today I had a 15 minutes swim in the sea and it felt absolutely beautiful! Water temp is about 9C here in Venice Italy so it isn’t even that bad after all but people still look at me as if I am a little crazy.

    Every time I swim in the sea in winter my spirit thanks me for the rest of the day and I WANT to go do it again the day after.
    I made myself a home made hot water bottle containing 2 litres of hot water and when I come out of the sea I rinse my feet from the sand and drink a little to get some warmth inside, i can then take my time drying and dressing.
    Swim on!

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    since 3 years I swim in the north sea only during winter time , temp goes down from 16 cel to min 4 cel in January/Feb
    some times i feel so high that at 1 am i am still awake!
    in winter some times hard and your hands and fingers can not move and feet are cold but it is all worh it and the feeling afterwards is just great

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    We had a spell of awful hot and humid here in Hawaii. It seemed like the only relief even if just for a little while was to get in our unheated pool. Well, I became addicted. And afterwards I shower in the outdoor shower which is really cold and then I feel like I could take on the world and all the cranky people in it!

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      Tim Moss

      Excellent. Great to find another convert!


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