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Cycling Resources

Cycling is my main method of transport. I have been on a few cycle tours, largely on my trusty steed: Bob, the Beast of Burden. And I often get my best ideas whilst cycling (contrary to Nietzsche’s view). 2013-2014 I am cycling around the world.

Bicycle touring is an excellent way to start out in the adventure world. You can get away with cheap kit, cover long distances without training, and get a real sense of freedom.

Long Distance Cycle Journeys (LDCJ)

An online database of over 100 cycle tourists who have covered 6,000 miles or more (10,000km) in a single trip. Stats on average distances, daily costs, types of bike used and more. View here…

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Cycling Stories

Cycling Adventurers

  • Alastair Humphreys – 4 years around the world, popular blogger
  • Tom Allen – Off-road expedition cycling all over the place
  • Andy Welch – Off-road expedition cycling all over the place
  • Rob Lilwall – Cycled home from Siberia
  • Rob Thomson – Cycled and skateboarded Japan to Europe and back
  • Mark Beaumont – Broke speed record for cycling around the world
  • James Bowthorpe – Broke Mark Beaumont’s speed record raising money for Alzheimer’s research
  • Julian Sayarer –  Broke James Bowthorpe’s record under the banner This Is Not For Charity
  • Peter Gostellow – Cycled 50,000km from Japan to England and later through Africa
  • Friedel & Andrew – 60,000km+ all over the world. Fantastic resources website.


There are probably thousands of books and films about cycling but here are a few that I’ve read/watched and would recommend:

(Browse the full list of the best books about cycling here)

The Man Who Cycled the World

Great book and series about Mark Beaumont’s record attempt.

Adventure Cycle Touring

The best handbook you can buy.

Cycling Home from Siberia

Rob Lilwall starts in the deep end of a Siberian winter.

The Wind in My Wheels

80,000 miles with Josie Dew.

The Flying Scotsman

Not much to do with expeditions but it’s a great film.

  • Janapar – Amazing movie about Tom Allen’s journey, entirely self-filmed. The book’s great too.
  • Moods of Future Joys – Wonderfully honest account of Al Humphreys’ 4 year trip. Spreads into a second book – Thunder & Sunshine. He has a third book too: 10 Lessons from the Road.


How to Get to the North Pole:

and Other Iconic Adventures

Includes the chapter ‘How to Cycle Around the World’

How to Get to the North Pole book

  • Top 10 Best Seller on Amazon’s Discory & Exploration
  • “Highly recommended” – Adventure Travel Magazine
  • Foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes
  • Endorsed by Bear Grylls
  • 100% five-star reader rating