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    Hi Guys!

    Great list! If I may, I’d add an aeropress coffee maker with a metal filter. It makes kick-ass coffee and doesn’t require the paper filter; all you need are coffee grounds and hot water.

    To boil water (for coffee) I’d recommend the MSR whisperlite stove because it is absolutely bomb-proof. After 16 months of heavy usage with all kinds of crappy fuel, it didn’t fail once.

    Finally, Matt and I would probably gone insane and killed each other without our trusty Kindle ebook readers to while away those long evening hours in the tent…a library in your pannier! No use as kindling or toilet paper, though….

    Enjoy the rest of your trip,


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      Tim Moss

      Hey Andy, thanks for the recommendations. We saw someone use that AeroPress. It looks cool and even better if it’s small enough to carry around.

      We’re both big fans of our Kindles. So good for cycle touring!

      The Whisperlite’s a good stove. We used a Primus Omnilite (like the Omnifuel but titanium) and they’re really good because you can use gas canisters with them as well. Which was good for us and we never once needed to use petrol!

      For anyone interested, here are some links:
      Primus Omnilite Ti Review
      Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker
      Review of Amazon Kindle for Expeditions and Travel

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    Donna Price

    thanks for the great gift ideas. Love to hear that the whisper lite is good choice as we are trying to assess which stove to use for a big tour. We have an old whisper lite that isn’t working well and a multi-fuel coleman that’s pretty bulky and heavy!

    Would love to add a couple of these gifts to our stockings. do you have a US Amazon affiliate link?? Just one will do….

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      Tim Moss

      Thanks Donna. I think all the multifuel stoves are pretty much the same and all decent. The Primus Omnifuel and Omnilite always win for me because they take propane/butane canisters too (which we found in every country we visited).

      I do indeed have a US Amazon affiliate account, thanks for asking. It’s: http://www.thenextchallenge.org/amazonusa


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