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The Next Challenge is a website aimed at getting people to live more adventurously.

It is run by Tim Moss who has completed lots of expeditions and helped lots more. He is currently cycling around the world with his wife, Laura.

Live Adventurously?

This might mean climbing Everest or doing an Iron Man, or it could just be escaping the office on your lunch break or taking a new route to work.

If you are planning an expedition then this site offers motivational articles, support and expedition resources.

If you are just going about your daily life then the aim is to give you the enthusiasm to do that with a bit more gusto.


I have built a large collection of the best resources, articles, books and websites for anyone planning an expeditions or considering it.

Topics include polar expeditions, cycle touring, ocean rowing, sponsorship advice and more.

Tim Moss

This website is run by Tim Moss who will now continue writing in the first person.

I have been on a few expeditions myself – in mountains, desertsrunning and travelling around the world – and managed some other peoples’ too, including a South Pole Expedition and human-powered circumnavigation.

You can read more about me but my portfolio of expeditions is more interesting.

The Book

A guide to seven iconic adventures – crossing a desert, skiing to the South Pole, cycling round the world and more.

The Blog

The Next Challenge started out as a blog. New articles in 2014 mostly relate to my current round-the-world cycle.

I tend to write articles that will encourage other people to get outside and make the most of life. I also write the occasional opinion and commnet pieces as well as documenting my own adventures.

I also have a large collection of advice articles and pieces written by other people.

Expedition Support

In addition to the contents of this website, I offer support for people planning expeditions.

That includes free advice if you want to email me any questions. I can also design websites, research an expedition or manage a whole project.

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Belief that adventure is available to all
Belief in openness and honesty above all else
Insisting on an unfailingly positive approach
Belief that adventure should not require time, money or expertise
Promoting the wider benefits of adventure, challenge and expeditions
Encouraging adventure at every level, from the extreme to the everyday
Urging people to challenge accepted norms and grab life with both hands
Never driven by profit